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Joint Activities and Strategies

This programme aims at sensitizing member States towards promoting joint activities and enhancing cooperation with related UN Institutes and other agencies in responding to the most pressing needs in crime prevention and criminal justice.

At the same time, it attempts to identify new strategies to confront transnational crime. Recent evidence has shown that African countries are faced with significant problems created by the emergence of criminal groups and their activities.

Criminal groups are diversifying their activities by reorganizing their operations in a more sophisticated fashion, limiting the use of force and violence and turning to other means of persuasion.

Organized crime in the African region is also adapting its operation to new political and economic realities, profiting from new pacts and cooperative arrangements thereby posing a long term threat to sustainable socio-economic development.

The Institute is thus, expected to play a crucial role in assisting Member States in this endeavour, in terms of legal advice, promotion of technical assistance and provision of training. Progress Report.

The Institute has continued to participate in a number of joint activities with related institutes and agencies like United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), International Centre for Criminal Law Reform and Criminal Justice Policy- Vancouver, Canada. They have included organizing and planning joint training activities, research/data collection.

In addition, UNAFRI has participated in a number of regional, sub-regional and international meetings and seminars organized in different parts of the world, African Union Ministers Meeting, Addis Ababa, Commission Meeting Viebnna, Trafficking in Women in East African Reion, Kampala, Uganda.The Institute played an active role in the preparation and execution of the African Regional Preparatory Meeting for the Ninth United Nations Congress on the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders that was hosted by Uganda Government in Kampala, February, 1994.

The Institute played a similar role during the 9th Congress held in Cairo, Egypt, from 29 April, to 10 May, 1995. UNAFRI is often invited to participate in a number of Expert meeting , Organised by UNODC.

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