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Information And Documentation

Program Description: This focuses on establishing and maintaining a specialized comprehensive reference library and developing a reliable and workable mechanism needed to promote the sharing and transfer of knowledge in the field of crime prevention and criminal justice in the service of the African region, as well as with other criminal justice networks.

The expected outputs of the programme include:

An up-to-date specialized reference library in crime prevention and criminal justice in the African region;
An African information network in the field of crime prevention and criminal justice;
Linkages with the United Nations (UNCJIN), and United Nations Crime Justice Library and the World Criminal Justice Library Network (WCJLN). Publication and distribution of periodic Newsletter;
Publication and distribution of reports of seminars/workshops/research findings to Governments, relevant institutions, organizations and interested individuals.

Development and publications of a specialized journal in crime prevention and criminal justice focusing on African region.

Maintenance and updating of UNAFRI’s Digital Library and the On-line Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)

Maintenance of UNAFRI website.

System Administration

Computer Repair and Maintenance

Database Programming

Progress Report: The Institute has now a nucleus of a Specialized Reference Library with about 4,000 volumes of books, journals on crime prevention and criminal justice. It has established documentation network with institutes/centres in a number of African countries. Arrangements have been made to establish an accessible data bank which has linkages with other world criminal justice information and library networks on INTERNET. Specialists in crime prevention and criminal justice who visit Uganda are always welcome to use the Institute library.

The materials has been automated and digitized with an On-line Public Access Catalogue that is running on and a Digital Repository that is running on Dspace<>

On top of publishing the reports of the implemented activities, the Institute publishes a bi-annual newsletter issued in English and French which is made available to all countries in the region and to the relevant organizations within and outside the African region.

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