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General Direction and Management

This programme promotes the efficient management and administration of the staff, funds and other resources and ensures the effective and timely implementation of scheduled activities as contained in other programmes and within the general guidelines provided by the Governing Board. Importantly, it includes mobilization of support and funds for the work of the Institute. 

The expected outputs from the activities under this programme are, capacity building of the Secretariat so as to effectively implement on time and within the budget of the Institute approved work plans, increasing remittance of assessed contributions by Member States, attracting donor funds, ensuring appropriate guidance to the Secretariat from the Governing Board, increasing the cooperation among Member States and enhancing the capacity of Member States to combat inter alia transnational organised crime Report. and annually report to the Board, to the Commission on Crime Prevention and prepare the report of the UN. Secretary-General In accordance with its Statute, Staff and Financial Rules and Regulations, the Institute has continued to administer the substantive work, staff funds and other resources, thereby ensuring the effective and timely implementation of the approved programme of activities.

In all these transactions, emphasis has been placed on transparency and accountability as has been affirmed by the successive reports of the meetings of the Governing Board and the committee of auditors.

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