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Advisory Services to Governments

Program Description:

The programme aims at promoting the role of UNAFRI as an effective mechanism in providing technical assistance to individual Member States upon their request and promoting and fostering sub-regional and regional cooperation and coordination in the field of crime prevention and criminal justice.

Advisory services to individual countries are directed towards implementing effective measures for the prevention of crime, improvement of the quality of services provided to offenders in custodial institutions, and the promotion of the observance of human rights in the administration of justice as stipulated in the United Nations norms and standards in crime prevention and criminal justice.

The Institute is also mandated to provide advisory services to governments (upon request) in priority areas inter-alia, the identification of crime prevention strategies specific to the needs of African region.

In this regard, UNAFRI cooperates closely with the United Nations, UN Programme Network of Institutes on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice in order to facilitate his work and render it more effective.

Progress Report: The Institute has so far provided advisory services to several countries in the region upon request including Burundi, Gambia, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda and Tanzania.

In addition, at the Institute’s initiative advisory services were offered on a variety of issues including the improvement of the efficiency of criminal justice systems and their administration, reduction of prison congestion, street children (juvenile delinquency), establishment of a national institute to provide governments with on-going advisory services, and establishment of a system for the regular collection, collaboration and analysis of reliable data on crime, delinquency and the administration of criminal justice.

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